NetBeans 3.6 Release Plan

The NetBeans IDE 3.6 download is now available.

You can read more about the 3.6 release in the following documents:

The Java Studio Mobility modules pack for the NetBeans IDE is now available on the NetBeans IDE 3.6 Auto Update Center in the J2ME Wireless folder. The documents listed below will help get your started:

See the NetBeans IDE 3.6 Support & Docs pages for guides and howtos. The main charter for the NetBeans 3.6 release is primarily improving navigation within the IDE, the appearance, and some coding productivity improvements.

The release is driven partially by content and partially by timing, since the previous main planned release, 4.0, containing the big new projects infrastructure will not be available until Q3/2004 due to the complexity of the work. We believe, that for the IDE to stay competitive, the IDE needs to bring some other improvements earlier, which is exactly the reason for introducing the NetBeans 3.6 release.

Here are screenshots of some of the cool features targeted for this release: 

New window management system in Windows XP look and feel

New property sheets design 

Code folding in editor design


Navigation within the IDE

The navigation theme focuses on streamlining the way the user transitions between various states of the IDE (reflecting different development stages) as well as the transition from using one feature to another.

Appearance/Look&Feel/Raw Usability

Bundled Tomcat 5, J2EE 1.4 support and improvements in JSP Editor


Release Schedule

NetBeans 3.6 Release Schedule
Milestone Date Information
Feature Freeze 19 JAN 2004 Complete
Beta Release  6 FEB 2004 Complete
Release Candidate 1 16 MAR 2004 Complete
NetBeans 3.6 release 13 APR 2004 Now Available

UI Design Specifications

Window System
Jump Editor -> Explorer
Code Folding
Smart Paste
Smart Brackets
Smart semicolon/enter
Insert line before/after current line
Shortcut for Implement/Override method
Show tooltip with error description over the underlined text in the editor
Component Palette XP (section "Design of new Palette in the Form editor")
Java Class Wizard
Discoverable Shortcuts
Print 2 HTML
VCS output dialogs